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VicTESOL is a professional association committed to promoting excellence in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and fostering and supporting cultural and linguistic diversity through high quality multicultural education.

VicTESOL provides support and services to generalist, content, trade and EAL (ESL) specialist teachers across sectors including: kindergartens; schools; adult & community education; TAFE; LLNP, AMEP and WELL programs; ELICOS centres; universities; and industry settings. VicTESOL is a professional association committed to promoting excellence in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and fostering and supporting cultural and linguistic diversity through high quality multicultural education.

VicTESOL is a member of the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA)


Leading in EAL

VicTESOL Mini-Conference

Monday, 31st August

VicTESOL would like to thank all those that attended the 'Leading in EAL' Mini-conference. Resources and information from the event will be available on the website soon.



ACTA 2016 Conference  




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Penny McKay (1948 – 2009)

As a teacher, consultant, researcher, keynote speaker and professional activist, Penny McKay was a leader in language education in Australia and internationally. Working collaboratively with educators and researchers in schools, she pioneered an approach to assessing learners' development in English as an additional language.

Penny was committed to four fundamental principles.

  • First, assessment frameworks should be tied to empirical, classroom-based observations of English language learners of different ages and backgrounds.
  • Second, those frameworks should respect and respond to classroom teachers' understandings of and insights into their learners.
  • Third, assessment frameworks must be informed by theory as it continually develops.
  • Finally, assessment frameworks must be designed to support learners' language development and to inform teachers in their teaching.


Penny died prematurely in 2009 from ovarian cancer. She is greatly mourned by Australian and overseas language educators.


The Penny McKay Memorial Award honours Penny’s contribution to research and development in second/additional language education.

The Award is for an outstanding doctoral thesis which benefits the teaching and learning of second/additional languages in Australian schools and pre-schools, including Indigenous languages, community languages, foreign languages, Standard Australian English as an additional language or variety, and English as a foreign language.

The Award is jointly offered by the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA), the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA) and the Association for Language Testing and Assessment of Australia and New Zealand (ALTAANZ). Finances related to the Award are administered by ALAA.

The 2015 Award consists of $500, a certificate and free conference registration at the 2015 combined ALAA/ALANZ/ALTAANZ Conference in Adelaide (Monday 30th November - Wednesday 2nd December). The winner will be offered a slot to present a paper on an aspect of their research at that conference.

The winner will be formally announced at the AGM of each Association and the 2015 Award will be presented at the 2015 ALAA-ALANZ conference. The winner’s name and a 300 word summary of their thesis will be published in each Association’s journal (ALAA – The Australian Review of Applied Linguistics; ACTA - TESOL in Context; ALTAANZ - Language Assessment Matters). The names of winners in every year will be shown on the website of each Association.

Applications close Sept 13th 2015 ~ For more information please click here.



Inaugural MY Education Awards open

Nominations are now open for the inaugural MY Education Awards, which recognize excellence and showcase the outstanding contributions made by organisations, students, schools and out-of-school-hours learning support programs (OSHLSP).

CMY CEO, Carmel Guerra said the awards acknowledge how critical CMY’s MY Education program is to ensuring positive learning outcomes for primary and secondary students of refugee and migrant backgrounds. 

For more details please click here.


ACTA 2014 Conference 



 VicTESOL successfully hosted the 2014 conference in Melbourne
30 Sept - 3 Oct 2014

Thank you to our conference organiser, conference planning committee, VicTESOL, ACTA, our sponsors and all of our keynotes, presenters and delegates for making #ACTA2014 such a success! 














Professor Ester de Jong giving her keynote October 2 2014, Melbourne

Presentations are available from the ACTA 2014 conference pages


VicTESOL Events 2015 - follow this link


Our VicTESOL Workshop Thursday 6 November on the TEAL Project with Chris Davison, Alan Williams and Janet Saker was a great success! Read more about TEAL 

Professional Learning with VicTESOL

Our VicTESOL Workshop Tuesday 18 March 2014 'A Guide to the EAL Companion to AusVELS and EAL Developmental Continuum' presented by Carmel Sandiford was a sell out!










Our AGM and end of year celebration of EAL (ESL) teachers on 7 December 2013 was a great success!
























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